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Stef Cantu

Fit Latinas Founder & Beachbody Coach

How does Fit Latinas create Latina Leaders?

We are a community of ordinary Latina women doing EXTRAORDINARY things coming together in three key areas to help each other reach fitness and life breakthroughs. Fitness, Nutrition & Support.

We are able to help each other because we understand each other.  We have similar backgrounds and can relate to each other’s struggles.

By pushing and supporting each other we GROW Latina Leaders.

What will you get by joining our Community of Latina Leaders?

The Fit Latinas Solution is very unique.  We partnered with Team Beachbody to create a first class experience.  First, we show you how to get started with the Fit Latinas Challenge.  Then we come together as a community to support your journey through the 21 days. Finally, we show you the steps to create a new lifestyle as a Fit Latinas Coach.  At the end, you will find yourself to be the EMPOWERED LATINA you were created to be. – Mind, Body & Soul.

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