Is it ok to have salsa while on the fix?

A: Girl you know my Mexican self loves salsa. I say a tbsp of fresh salsa here and there won’t hurt. If you are curious, it would fall under the purple category.

Can we have sea salt on the 21 Day Fix?

A: Yes sea salt is fine. If you’d like a recommendation, Himalayan salt is even purer than sea salt. Table salt contains none of the trace minerals that make salt good for us. Himalayan salt containing up to 84 natural minerals and elements.

I'm thinking of purchasing a protein powder. I was doing some research on Warrior Extreme and Teras Organic Whey. Will Whey Protein affect my goal to lose weight on top of me consuming Salmon, few dairy products?

A: Stick to your recommended Fix daily protein portions and you will be fine. When it comes to powdered protein sources, I always stick to and recommend plant based proteins. I can’t say much about Teras but I can say A LOT about Sun Warrior.

I like to add fruit(s) to my Shakeology, would that addition be considered one of my fruit portions?

A: Yes, fruit and anything else added into your shake (including almond milk) count towards your portions.

I love juicing, so how would that be incorporated into my Fix meal plan?

A: If it’s more veggie based use the green container to measure it out. If it’s more fruit based, use the purple. If it’s a mixture of both, use 1 purple & 1 green. [post blending] If you want to satisfy 2 portions of your veggies with one juice, measure out 2 containers of liquid.

What category does honey fall under?

A: It doesn’t really have a category as it is an additive. BUT 1 teaspoon of honey is about 10 calories. If you stick to one a day, you’ll be okay.

Does E&E count as any of the color portions?

A: I like to think of this one as a free. It’s only 20 calories per serving. If anything it will help you burn even more calories during your workout.

How do you take your coconut oil?

A:I typically use coconut oil 2 ways. 1. As a spray for cooking. 2. For oil pulling at least 3x per week.

Can you suggest some vegan protein ideas?

A: Sure I’ll have some ideas up on the site soon [I’m currently eating vegan]. Till then, this might help http://youtu.be/0O7zS67GGjY



Is it OK to drink more than one shake per day? Or to replace more than one meal per day?

A:Yes, it’s TOTALLY safe, remember, Shakeology is natural BUT it’s not recommended to replace more than two meals per day for an extended period of time. 

Is it fine if I switch up my Shakeology flavors depending on what I'm in the mood for?

A: Yes that is totally fine. Ray & I each have alternating flavors and like to keep things varied

I like to add fruit(s) to my Shakeology, would that addition be considered one of my fruit portions?

A: Yes Fruits and anything else blended into your Shakeology (including almond milk) counts towards your recommended portions.

I am thinking of making my chocolate shakeology hot, can I do this?

A: It can be done but I don’t recommend it. Shakeology is such a nutritionally dense product. Heating it will alter the nutritional composition and lower it’s nutritional value.

Does shakeology have to be blended or can I just use the shaker cup included to just shake it up with ice and water?

A: Either or based on preferences & time. Try them both out to find out what you like. Personally I LOVE it blended & VERY frothy. My fave liquid ratio is 8oz water, 4oz almond milk and I typically blend it with 3-4 cups of ice.

I was thinking of drinking my shakes for lunch but I read that it is best 30 minutes after you make it. If I make it for lunch I'm going to be making it in the morning. Should I just drink it for breakfast?

A: Yes, I HIGHLY recommend drinking it for breakfast OR for your AM snack ESPECIALLY during your first round. This will kick start your day on a nutrient dense note and fuel you for the entire day. This means ENERGY! Plus it’s true, it tastes best immediately after making it.

You recommend drinking Shakeology for breakfast, but is it ok to have it as a snack or as my lunch instead?

A: Yes, you can have Shakeology whenever you want. I typically recommend drinking it anytime from A.M – Lunch. This will help you get started right first thing in the morning.



Where can we get the Flat Abs Fix that is mentioned for Thursdays?

A: Flat Abs & Barre legs are supplemental workouts [fix ultimate] and can be purchased here http://bit.ly/1BKFyoX

My hand is cramping up and I can feel that it has to do with tight muscles in my upper arm.Can u recommend some arms stretches?

A: I HIGHLY recommend investing in a foam roller or in this particular case, a lacrosse ball. This type of self-myofascial release will release muscle tightness or trigger points. 


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