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6 Tips for Surviving Tamale Season: The Latina Guide to avoiding holiday lonjitas

By December 11, 2015Healthy Living Tips

“Mija, sírvete mas. Todavía queda mucha comida.”    

                                                   — infamous words of mom, tia, madrina, abuela, [fill in the blank] . 

Your Fit Latinas guide to Surviving Tamale Season!!! 

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Oh those infamous words still ring loudly in my ears because well I hear them EVERY TIME I visit a relatives house

…holiday or NOT!

It’s cool though, I mean Food = Love, its how we show love—  Our culture revolves around Food, Family, Faith, Friends & more FOOD! Am I right or am I right??

So how do you SURVIVE this seductively delicious holiday season without growing a few extra lonjitas in a ridiculously short amount of time!?

Allow me to indulge you [ no pun intended😉 ] on a few survival tips that are helping Fit Latinas stay committed to their health goals.

6 Fit Latinas Tips to Surviving Tamale Season

1. Get your sleep on

In between holiday shopping, decorating, posadas and whatever extra this season brings, GET SOME SLEEP!! Aim for 5-8 hrs of rest. Trust me…

RESTED = More productive, Mental clarity, Stronger Willpower & Better Mood.

SLEEP DEPRIVED = Cognitive fog, Poor decision making, Insatiable hunger, Higher cravings, Mood swings…I mean, must I continue, you get it right?


2. Stay Hydrated!

Drink a lot of water!! As the winter months are upon us, and the weather gets cooler, it’s easy to forget about hydrating. This can cause you to confuse THIRST for hunger and feel tired. Drinking at least 64 oz a day will help you avoid dehydration and keep you from overindulging.  I also recommend drinking 8-10 oz of water 10 min before and after party meals.

3. Eat something balanced BEFORE going to the party!

It may seem like a good idea to fast all day before heading out to the party…don’t! Let’s avoid the devouring of 6 plates of posole that night and instead eat as you normally would. I highly recommend having a filling, healthy snack before heading out to the party. Some good choices:  apple with PB, grapes with raw nuts, high-fiber protein bar or my #1 recommendation: SHAKEOLOGY!

4. Watch your Portions [ Fit Latinas Challengers are PROs at this one] 

Load up your plate with more GOOD vs. bad and Keep it balanced. Portion control has much more to do than just keeping your servings small. Watching your portions means…

1. Keep your servings at a reasonable size

2. Get a balanced amount of the right portions in [ i.e. carb: fats: protein ]

5. Eat slooooow-ly

Focus on chewing your food well and enjoy the smell, taste, and texture of each item. SAVOR each and every bite. There is no need to sit there feeling bad about indulging in the the invigorating flavors of tradition, enjoy it and take it slow. The last thing you want is rushed or mindless eating instead be mindful, in the moment and allow your brain some time to catch up with your stomach signaling when it’s full.

6. Commit to a workout the next day! 

This is one of my personal favorite ways to make sure I don’t overdo it on the margaritas or tamales. If you’re pretty intense, login to Beachbody on Demand and push play to Insanity, 21 Day Fix Extreme or Max 30. If you have family around, make it a bonding moment and invite them for a run, walk or stroll in the park…just get moving!

Above all remember, YOU have the power to create a positive impact in your family. Our culture is in dire NEED of health & fitness and YOU can be the family’s ambassador. This is a MAJOR mission within our Fit Latinas Coach family. Chicas, don’t keep the healthy living thing to yourself and don’t feel bad or awkward talking about it…embrace the fact that you are doing something GREAT for yourself. If you get resistance so what!? Tell them about it anyways, I promise you EVERYONE wants and needs to get healthier…everyone.

Enjoy your holidays and stay healthy, your family is counting on you <3