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A new level of confidence, excitement & THRILL for LIFE!

By January 6, 2015Fitness Tips

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When you discover and pursue the desires of your heart, you tap into an element of your being that can fuel a new level of confidence, excitement & THRILL for LIFE!

The hard part is understanding that those desires sometimes evolve and change as you develop & discover your true strengths.

At one point my desire was to be a teacher…I gave that desire me all. Once I was there, however, I discovered new strengths and gifts I didn’t know existed. That’s when the difficult decision came, should I step away from all the work and time I had put into reaching this new altitude in life OR should I pursue my new found passion?

It took me 2 full school years to fully make the decision and commit to starting a new path in life. Letting go and chasing the new dream has been one of the most liberating feelings EVER!

I fought the transition for a good while as I saw being a Beachbody Coach as selling. I knew I wanted to share the products that have COMPLETELY changed my health with others, I just didn’t want it to be about selling and commissions. It brought forth such an ICKY feeling!

But I DID LOVE & truly believe in the products…35 lbs lost, competing in triathlons, new sense of confidence, the list goes on…Heck Ray & I even got married RIGHT after completing a Half Ironman. Yes, 70.3 miles & still had ample energy to say “I DO.”

It wasn’t until I founded Fit Latinas that it ALL started coming together for me. I LOVE sharing our products. I LOVE coaching women through the journey. I LOVE connecting with other strong & hard working Latinas. I LOVE living & sharing the lifestyle!

If it was just about selling you a product, it wouldn’t be worth it. It’s MUCH more than that. It’s a commitment to invest in YOUR life as you commence a life changing journey. A journey that has the power to fuel your MIND BODY & SOUL.

This is what I do. This is what I work & live for FULL TIME. Helping YOU reach your goals. Helping you begin a LIFE CHANGING journey. All you have to do is say, I’m ready & I’ll be your gal. I will coach you & introduce you to an impressive array of women with similar goals, ambitions & aspirations. You are NEVER alone. That’s what Fit Latinas is. A positive community of women ALL working together. A positive group of women all committed to continuously investing in their MIND BODY SOUL.


>>>>>>>Our next Challenge Group is starting soon. If you are READY to commit to improved health & greater well-being, this group is for YOU. You will be in good hands.  Submit an enrollment form today or email me at stef@fitlatinas.com

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