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How Do I keep myself from Attacking the Greasy Burger I’m craving!?

By January 22, 2015Fitness Tips

Around Week 2 of our 21 Day Fit latinas Challenge is when I get the most, “How do I deal with these cravings!?” questions. This is the time when the initial motivation begins to dwindle and mental discipline & control HAS to come into play. 

First off, relax you’re ONLY human. Creating positive habits takes time. Booting old habits takes even longer. 21 days to build a habit…90 days to kick a bad habit to the curb!

Secondly, keep this in mind…Untitled design (16)

Keep making small improvements and WHATEVER YOU DO….DON’T PUT THE WEIGHT OF PERFECTION ON YOUR SHOULDERS!!!! THAT is huge! Don’t expect yourself to be perfect, expect yourself to be HUMAN!

If last week you had 4 cookies, aim for having 3 cookies this week. If yesterday you gave into 3 breakfast tacos at work, aim for 2 today. PROGRESS IS PROGRESS… end of story!

Here are some invaluable tips for you as you find yourself craving things like a madwoman

  • Give yourself 2 “Cheat Meals.” NO ONE is perfect guys. Give yourself two days to cheat. That’s right, two days where you can eat anything you want! Remember make it a Cheat MEAL, NOT a cheat DAY. 
  • Listen to your body. At first, it’ll probably tell you it wants whatever you’ve been denying it. Greasy food, sugar and fat. It’s sad to say but C.R.A.P. is addicting. However, over time, your body will start to crave nutrients you’re deficient in. Learn to read your body’s subtle signs…

If you crave ice cream, you may be short on essential fatty acids

essential fatty acids fit latinas

If you crave a hamburger, your diet may lack protein.

protein fit latinas

If it’s a GREASY burger you’re craving, chances are you don’t just need protein but HEALTHY fats as well.

healthy fats fit latinas


By listening to your body and learning what it really needs in this way, you can make better food substitutions. It’s a way of getting in tune with yourself that will benefit you for your entire lifetime.

Take it one day at a time, one choice at a time. Don’t take yourself so seriously. The journey is what makes you strong in MIND BODY SOUL, embrace it  ♥ ❤ ❥