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By September 17, 2014motivation

Fit Latinas put in the work

5 years ago I hit one of these forks in the road. I found myself desperately needing to change the path I was on. I could either continue living day by day floating along mindlessly giving into immediate gratifications {that left me feeling dull and unfulfilled} OR begin to put in the work to live up to my potential.

I decided to put in the WORK! My graduation from college was the beginning of my REAL education. Since then I was able to retire from my profession at 25, began running my own business from ANYWHERE and EVERYWHERE I want and founded a POWERFUL community of strong and driven women from all over the U.S.–Fit Latinas! We all must start somewhere and 5 years ago, this is where it ALL began for me…

BODY: Took on Insanity + drinking Shakeology daily -> dropped 35lbs, became a Beachbody coach to help others do the same
MIND: Began reading Personal Development books & audios -> The Alchemist, Rich Dad Poor Dad, John Maxwell, Jim Rohn, Earl Nightingale, Zig Ziglar…I now read AT LEAST! 1 book per month
SOUL: My husband & I found a POWERFUL church family at North Rock who encouraged us to Serve ,Give and Love Selflessly.

Some of us have found our path and know the path we are on is EXACTLY where we must be –Help others find their way.
Some of us are feeling empty searching for the path that brings us fulfillment and satisfaction in life — Ask and you shall receive.

Through it all continuously work on all 3 aspects of your being. Doing so will help you find your way. I can’t say I have reached my destination and I don’t think I ever will. I believe the minute we stop growing is the EXACT same minute we begin to die. LIVE your dreams Latinas, we have ONE life, give this life EVERYTHING you have.

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