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Dreams are God’s language spoken to our hearts

By June 2, 2015motivation

I personally believe that Dreams are Gods language spoken to our hearts.

The path we are on and the visions we have for life our Gods way to direct us towards accomplishing the purpose he has for us.

On the pursuit of “Chasing our Dreams” it is seductive to lose perspective at times. To lose sight of the reason behind the dream. We can easily get caught up with metrics, numbers & recognition. You might feel like if you don’t reach them then you are failing, therefore you feverishly work hard to reach them.

I prayed for Christ to realign my heart this morning.

To reset my intentions and help me work towards the purpose he has for me. Minutes later, I received a message—God sent me someone to help mentor.

seek and you will find god answers prayers

For those of you who don’t know, I’m a Full Time Beachbody Coach along with my husband. Perception shows that this whole Beachbody Coaching thing is simply about health & fitness.

The truth?

Coaching is about helping others find their purpose in life.

About helping others believe in the strength & courage that lies within. It’s a platform to share your story in a way that inspires others to have HOPE & belief.

Just 2 months before enrolling as a Beachbody Coach I found myself desperately searching for a way out of the dark hole I kept digging for myself. There are parts of my past that till this day make me both cringe and praise God for his love and grace. It’s so hard to share the fact that I had reached a point in which I’d wake up to find myself on the floor of my room and bathroom¬†with a blurred memory of what had happened the night before. Fun & games quickly turned into a loss of grip for life. Once the alcohol touched my lips, there was no limit. I was falling EXTREMELY short of who I truly was and wanted out of life. He waited so patiently for me…and, he continues to grace me with his patience!

Christ ministers to us in different ways and he provides us with opportunities to share our story in order to bring HOPE & FAITH to others.

He brought 3 huge blessings to my life…A renewed relationship with Christ, My husband and an opportunity to invest in the lives of others–coaching.

He answered every single one of my prayers. In return, I continuously pray to be a vessel for his purpose. To use my past, flaws & story to help others believe in the power & strength of Gods love.

You CAN live a life in complete alignment with that vision you have in your heart for who you are meant to be and what you are meant to do

…you CAN. And if you’re in search for that purpose, I can help.

That’s what I do, that’s the reason why God has placed this path before me. To help and coach others towards the direction of the Dreams being spoken to your heart…