The 21 Day Fit Latinas Challenge is a collaboration with Beachbody, the leading company in health and fitness.  We utilize one of their products called the 21 Day Fix to combine fitness and nutrition with the support of the Fit Latinas community to give you a transformation you have always wanted.  This challenge will not only help you begin to invest in your fitness but it will take your journey to another level.

– This Challenge is 100% online. –

– 21 Days long* –

– Ran through a PRIVATE Facebook Group –


– Latina based support for accountability & motivation –

These groups have helped our Challengers not only shed pounds but, motivated them into becoming the STRONG, VIBRANT, ENERGETIC wives, mothers, sisters, daughters, tias & role models they desire to be!

Fit Latinas Success Stories

All of the women who have taken on the 21 Day Fit Latinas Challenge have all experienced some type of success.

Some have finally found the time they needed to keep their health in check. Others have found a solution to be able to share with their family and loved ones.  While others found the confidence they have always been in search of.

Whatever you are looking for, our solution can provide.  Where others fail in one area or another, we have the total package.


Such a great group of empowering Latinas and health coach! Couldn’t ask for more when it comes to a dedicated team and coach on my health and fitness motivations. If I could give you 10 stars I would! Thanks for everything you have done. I look forward to putting what I have learned through this team and applying them to my healthier life style. – Rebecca



Stef is the best coach you could ask for. She will help you exceed your goals, no matter how high they are, and she will always encourage you throughout your day! – Olga

I had been trying to find a running partner that could join me on my busy schedule and honestly I didn’t know much about fitness nor eating healthy! The years went by and the pounds added up, I’m so blessed to have found Stef because my journey started almost one year ago and I’ve lost over 40 lbs and I’ve gained so much! To have the energy I was looking for my kiddos sure is AMAZING! – Maria



Stef inspires that “You can do it!” spark. She is never too busy to follow up with you with a phone call or message. She helps you with fun, creative, easy resources and constantly puts out videos to encourage you through out the challenge. She always cheers you on, even on your low days!  One day very soon I will inspire and help others as you do to me! – Susana

Fit Latinas is a great place to start for any person that is either highly or lightly active because of the support given within the group. Stef has loads of resources available within the group, such as meals planning tips, meal prepping solutions, meal ideas, workout plans and much more that will help keep you going on your journey to living a healthier life style. I have really enjoyed being apart of this group, not only because of the pounds I have lost but because of the positive energy that is always flowing in the group that keeps me going.  – Sarah




$ 75

Per Month

Extra sign up fees

No fitness plan included

No nutritional support

You are on your own


$ 100

Per Month

Limited to class times

May be dependent on weather

Limited nutrition support

Limited to one hour session

Fit Latinas ChallengeBEST VALUE

$ 160

One Time Fee

You get to keep the program

Do whenever …wherever

Learn portion control & nutrition

 Community Support 24/7


Personal Trainer

$ 40

Per Hour

Total cost adds up quickly

Limited to trainer’s skill

Limited nutrition support

Limited to personal trainer’s availability


$ 150

Per Month

High risk of injury

Limited to available class times

Strict diet requirements

Limited to knowledge of instructor


✔Purchase a Challenge Pack <–Click on the link for pricing & details
✔Actively participate in the Private Facebook Group

**Your Challenge Pack investments will provide you ALL of the tools necessary to take on this Challenge. (i.e. workout program, calendar, eating plan, portion size system, SHAKEOLOGY!!!) Read my personal review here ➙ Shakeology Review from a Fit Latina


New Friendships, Inspiration, Sense of Pride, Confidence Boost (you know… all of that internal GREATNESS!)

This is what your Challenge pack will look like & everything you will get.

Fit Latinas 21 Day Challenge Pack

Simple Fitness

All workouts are ONLY 30min… you get in, get out, and get on with your day.  They will challenge you regardless of what level of fitness you are on. Don’t get scared though,  there’s always a modifier on screen to show you how to dial down the intensity without losing the benefits.

Stef Cantu home based Beachbody Workout

Simple Eating

Your 21-day Portion-control color-coded containers. Each container represents a  food group, fill them with foods YOU like to eat. This means you can still eat the foods you love, just exactly the right portion every time. But of course, the HEALTHIER the food, the BETTER your results.

Food for FIt Latinas Challenge

Community Support & My Personal Coaching

This is really the part that separates our solution from everything else out there.  Where else are you going to get a community of Latinas to pick you up when you are feeling down?  Where else can you ask the questions about what to eat at the quinceanera next weekend?  We can help you like no one else because we understand what life is like for a Latina woman.

**You can learn more about the 21 Day Fix Program we use here, including the full informercial you might have already seen.

What makes FIT LATINAS special?




We are a community of ordinary Latina women doing EXTRAORDINARY things coming together in three key areas to help each other reach fitness and life breakthroughs.

We are able to help each other because we understand each other.  We have similar backgrounds and can relate to each other’s struggles.

What will you get by joining our Community?

The Fit Latinas Solution is very unique.  We help you work on yourself with an outside – in approach.  First, we show you how to properly fuel your body with the best foods to maximize what you are capable of as a Latina woman.  Then we CHALLENGE your body and what it is capable of through the 21 Day Fit Latinas Challenge.  Finally, we educate your mind on how to ultimately unleash the divine spirit within you to help others.  At the end, you will find yourself to be the EMPOWERED LATINA you were created to be.

Mind. Body & Soul.


Are the workout suitable for beginners?

Yes! The program we follow (21 Day Fix) Is tailored to all levels. Each workout has a modifier to show easier moves if needed. Our challengers have ranged everywhere from fit to 100+ pounds to lose. Anyone could be successful with this program and our Challenge Group will be sure to make sure of it.

How much weight can I expect to lose within the 21 Days?

Everyone is different of course, however, on average our challengers drop anywhere from 6-15 lbs..

After my initial investment of $160, how much will I have to pay if I want to keep getting support?

Once the 21 Days are up, you are welcome to continue with as many 21 Day Challenge Groups as you’d like without making another purchase. You will have the option of continuing to receive Shakeology on a monthly bases, this option is encouraged and will be completely up to you.


It’s easy to get started with the 21 Day FIT LATINAS Challenge .  All you have to do is follow the instructions below.

Part 1

1. Submit the application below and fill me in with a little info about yourself.

Part 2

2. Check your email for the next step of the application process.

▶▶▶Filling out this application does not obligate you to anything.  It just helps me learn more about you and allows me to send you more information to you so you can decide if this is the right solution for you.  I appreciate you taking your time to consider joining our growing community 🙂