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Iron[wo]man-Inspired Meal Plan

By February 5, 2017Meal Prep, Recipes

We have decided to maintain a primarily vegan diet. I say primarily because we do plan on integrating eggs and perhaps the occasional wild-caught Alaskan Salmon.

You will not see dairy or meat in our meal plans. 

Why [mostly] vegan? Well…

I decided to welcome year 30 with a Full Ironman ( 140.6 swim bike run). 

We first started competing in triathlons in 2012. We then went off and competed in a half Ironman in October of that same year…

stef cantu fit latinas latina Ironman

…and were married right after. It was easier for me to train for a 70.3 race than it was to plan a wedding.

So again, why vegan?

Through research, we found that the top competitive triathletes followed a vegan diet. Scientifically, it made COMPLETE sense. The more we read, the more we learned, the MORE we were convinced.

I challenge you to watch documentaries such as FOOD MATTER | FORK OVER KNIVES | HUNGRY FOR A CHANGE.


Here is an illustration of the energy, recovery speed, stamina, and endurance from a vegan diet…

Rise at 3AM
Cycle for 30+ miles @ 15-17 rpm
Teach 2nd graders 7:30-3:30
Faculty Mtg or Tutorials 3:30-4:30
1000+ meter swim 5:30
run 8+ mi 6:20
Teach Turbo Kick 8-9PM Tues. / Thurs.

Sleep and wake up to do it all over again.

ZERO soreness. Incredible recovery time. Energy, stamina & endurance through the rough!!! 

Any more questions as to why we have chosen a primarily plant-based diet?

Nevertheless, I’m extremely excited about training for a full Ironman. You will continue to see a lot more Plant-Based Performance Meal Plans on my end. It would be such a dream come true to place in the top quarter of this race. I seriously cannot think of a better way to welcome my 30’s!!!

Til then, I hope you enjoy this weeks meal plan. I will update this post with meal prep pics, printable recipes, and a meal-prep video later this week so be sure to bookmark this post now.

Buen Provecho!


Iron[wo]man-Inspired Meal PlanFit Latinas Recipe Stef Cantu

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