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5 Running Gear Essentials for a Fit Latina

By July 4, 2017Fitness Tips, Reviews

Running essentialsI’m 5 months away from Ironman 140.6 Arizona #IMAZ. Pushing past my point of exhaustion has now become the most relaxing part of my day.

My training sessions are long, lonely and did I mention long & lonely? I’ve spent countless hours alone with myself in the water, on my bike and out on the trail. These hours of lonesome introspection have taught me a new level of self. I am constantly learning who I am on a much deeper level. The outside world is silent and unimportant. Just me, my gear and my God.


Speaking of gear.

I was once upon a time the type to just lace up and go. No fancy running gear needed, no fancy supplementation needed…just lace and go. Through time and experience, I am still a minimalist when it comes to running gear and supplementation. I don’t use more than I need and only stick to the bare essentials.

Fuel // Audio // Visibility // Efficiency // Recovery

Running essentials

Running Essentials


Beachbody Performance Line:  Premium nutrition for performance athletes. The Beachbody Performance line is the official Ironman sports nutrition supplement.

FlipBelt Water BottlesI use 2 6oz bottles. One bottle for my hydrate + energize. The other bottle for plain water. These bottles are essential for my 10 mi + runs in this Texas heat!


Jaybirds X2: My training time is also my personal development time — or sometimes I just want to get lost in the music. Having comfortable, no pop out, sweat resistant, long battery lasting earbuds is an absolute must! My Jaybirds X2s sell me on every point…comfort, resistance, sound, battery life and plenty of size options to fit my unique ear canal perfectly!


Flipbelt: Simple design, No rise up, Washable and Plenty of room to hold your phone, keys and hydration bottles.


LED Slap Armband:  Being visible on the road at 5 AM is of HIGH importance. I wear this band on my ankle and or flipbelt and forget it’s even there.


All items are time trialed, tested and approved. As a rule of thumb, I only recommend what I personally use and approve. My training sessions would not be as successful without any of this. Simple, efficient & effective.