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Shakeology Review from a Fit Latina

By January 28, 2015Reviews, Top Posts

Before you make the decision to invest in Shakeology, I want to share with you what it has done for me and my family in this Shakeology Review.


Shakeology Review Fit Latinas


Take every Shakeology review with a grain of salt and NEVER allow sour opinions (and people) taint the facts. 

[my] Opinion: Shakeology is FREAKING Amazing! 

Fact: Shakeology is a Nutritionally Dense Shake



I was the LAST person that was even the slightest interested in gimmicky “weight loss” or protein shakes.  The whole concept of “weight loss” shakes was so DUMB to me! Naturally, because of the huge commercialism of Slim Fast and whatever else is out there, my framing for all shakes was forever tainted…in other words, they were all crap in my eyes. 

Shakeology was first introduced to me 5 years ago by my then boyfriend. He raved on and on about it and honestly, I’m pretty sure I just tuned him out every time. BUT, he had recently signed up as a Coach and I wanted to support him. 

We decided to start Insanity together around the same time I was starting my very FIRST teacher position. My first line of duty…24 kindergarteners! Insanity was kicking my ass and my 24 kindergarteners…well that’s a whole other story! Needless to say, I was TIRED!  I slowly started drinking Shakeology here and there but to be 100% REAL  with you, I wasn’t a big fan. The taste was ok but I still didn’t really get the concept of it. 


After about 3 weeks of drinking it daily, I started feeling pretty freaking AMAZING… but still didn’t give Shakeology any props for feeling so great. Midway through the school semester, my Kindergarteners (remember them?) were having to keep up with MY energy. So, I FINALLY decided to research the heck out of Shakeology. <Not thinking one day I would share my own Shakeology Review>


▶ Ok now THIS is where my belief for Shakeology was COMPLETELY SOLIDIFIED

With my new found love, awareness and excitement for this product, I IMMEDIATELY told my mom ALL about it! She was the first person I wanted to share it with. If it was doing great things for me, I sure as HECK wanted it to help my mom.

Mi madre

So remember me saying I’d be the LAST person to drink a shake, well my mom was even further back from last. I begged her to try Shakeology for 3 whole months! At the time she had high blood pressure, has hypothyroidism (which leads to fatigue) and rheumatoid arthritis pains. The day her Dr. told her her cholesterol levels were high was when she FINALLY budged and said “I’ll try it but ONLY for 2 weeks, that’s it!

1 month later her cholesterol was normal and her arthritis pains were reduced. By the end of that month, she told me she felt 5 years younger and I felt the hope in her voice. 

THAT is what changed everything for me. I would do ANYTHING to help my moms life be easier. Everything I am today is because of the vessel she has allowed herself to be for God.  

Fact: Shakeology drastically improved my mom’s health

Opinion: I strongly believe this product is the best NUTRITIONALLY DENSE shake in the market.

fit & thriving


I believe in it 100% because what it has done for me these past 4 1/2 years, but more importantly, I believe in it because of what it has done for my mom.

I have now been drinking Shakeology every day for the past 4 1/2 years and at 27 I feel younger than I did at 21. My skin is more vibrant & clear, I have not gotten sick for the past 2 years and my energy is incredible.

I am extremely passionate about the products we represent as coaches and have seen hundreds of peoples health drastically improve because of them. Shakeology changes lives from the inside out ♥ ❤ ❥


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