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How to lose weight without losing a drop of sweat!

By January 14, 2015Reviews

Every year Ray & I make it a point to complete the 21 Day Ultimate Reset. I have been getting pretty FRUSTRATED with sweating my butt off in my workouts and NOT getting the results I wanted. I was STUCK! Then I became unstuck but the scale kept moving in the WRONG DIRECTION. Ok Ok so we had also started developing some pretty nasty habits. Margaritas 2x per week, sweets after meals, eating MORE than our recommended portions…The bad habits slowly started building and taking us along with them like a snowball.


Do you know the feeling? You WANT to stop and you do for like a week or a few days and then….you go right back to telling yourself, “ok ok,  THIS will be the last time AND then NEXT week its GAME TIME!”… and then well, the cycle continues.



Ok so if you haven’t heard of the Reset. In a VERY brief explanation, it is a 21 day cleanse. It helps you find relief from any digestive problems, high blood pressure, bad cholesterol levels, asthma, arthritis, depression, and inflammatory conditions.


Ray & I don’t have any of these conditions BUT we are ALWAYS looking to be healthier from the INSIDE OUT! We’re all just so exposed to a plethora of chemicals & additives in our foods EVEN when we ARE super careful about what we eat. Not only that but all of the pollutants in the air & water make their way into our bloodstream and cellular composition as well. Pretty CREEPY, I KNOW! These pollutants/toxins can REALLY keep you from…Reaching the level of fitness you desire,  dropping the weight you want, having the mental clarity to get things done,  getting sound sleep every night, feeling rested & energized. I mean guys….the LIST GOES ON!


Now are you beginning to see why this reset is SO INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT FOR US!?  Plus I am EXTREMELY competitive with myself and doing this Reset ALWAYS helps increase my stamina & strength. The reset completely restores the body and makes it much much MUCH, MORE efficient. So in other words you come out of the Reset feeling like SUPERMAN/WOMEN!



Today marks Day 14. I am down 10 pounds!!! I started at 133 [hadn’t been at this weight for 3 years!!!] Today I weighed in at 123. My sleep has improved TREMENDOUSLY. I had been waking up 3-4 times at night to go pee or to toss and turn…sleeping all through the night now and waking up refreshed.  My mental clarity is INCREDIBLE!!! My thoughts and creativity is at an ALL TIME HIGH! I’m refocused and energized about my goals. Emotionally I am TOTALLY at peace.


Ideally you are NOT suppose to workout during the Reset BUUUUUUUUUUT……I cheated a little this go-round. Ray & I have a race on Valentines Day [ I know how ROMANTIC, right!?] So I’ve implemented a few short runs here and there starting on week 2. I have officially ran MY FASTEST 2mi pace to date! Check it out….


The food is AMAZING, the recipes are EXTREMELY easy to follow and this is the MOST thorough program Beachbody offers. You get everything from a COMPLETE 21 Day Meal Plan to follow to a detailed explanation of the benefits AND an online portal with recipes, cooking videos, daily diaries from others who have gone through it and well of course you get ME! haha the best part *WINK.

Ultimate Reset FOOD


Seriously I highly, HIGHLY recommend you check it out and BUY IT! It’s more costly than any of our other program but, The price is MORE than worth it!  It was my Christmas present this year and what’s a better gift than the gift of health. If you get a little scared about the price, here is what I recommend. Put a date on when you want to do it and ask yourself how much you will have to save each week or month in order to make it happen. Perhaps you have a strategy of your own or perhaps you are like us and are like, “Hey, It might stretch me a little but, it’s TOTALLY WORTH IT!  Whatever it is give yourself this gift of health some time this year. For your Healthy, Vitality and Longevity. Do it for YOU and your loved ones <3


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