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The Fit Latinas Challenge

By September 18, 2014motivation

Fit Latinas Challenge

My number one driving factor as a coach lies in helping women find their self worth. Self Investment = Increased Self worth.

This challenge will help you begin to invest in your fitness and take your journey to another level. You WILL get results and you WILL build a strong foundation for a HEALTHY LIFE. If you PUT IN THE WORK, results will follow.

We begin a new 21 Day Challenge group on the first Monday of every month. There are currently 5 slots available for women who are 100% ready for one heck of an amazing journey!

If this is you find the application link on the right side of this webpage or if you are on your smartphone….then scroll down and you will find it.

I encourage you to apply EVEN if the idea of it makes you a bit nervous. You won’t be in it alone, you will have a group of strong women taking the walk alongside of you.

By the way if you personally know one of our Fit Latinas coaches reach out to them. They are ready to help you get started as well.

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