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I found myself releasing toxic emotions

By January 16, 2015Reviews

Day 16 of 21

I woke up feeling INCREDIBLE!!! Best sleep in MONTHS!!!! Down 11 lbs and my mind continues to race with creativity and sharpness. If you’d like a recap on what this cleanse is all about, check out my previous post HERE

One of the absolute BEST benefits this time around happened on day 10 during the Release Phase….

During THIS phase you cleanse, restore & reset the intestinal ecosystem…in other words you detox your body from toxic substances.

On day 10, I found myself releasing toxic emotions I had been storing up for YEARS!!! Emotions from my childhood I never allowed myself to expose & release.

release emotions


Somehow, clearing the blockage from within our bodies has a way of freeing up our emotions too.


Our bodies actually STORE emotions that we have repressed or not fully released ourselves of. This storage of emotions turns into actual PHYSICAL reactions like tension, aches, pains & imbalances.

So there I was on day 10 and found myself, CRYING! I began experiencing feelings I had numbed myself from for over 11 years! Processing these old emotions for the FIRST time really broke me down and the tears came rolling in. I quickly walked over to the restroom, locked the door and allowed myself to cry it out. Something I had not allowed myself to do before. I suddenly experienced a sense of peace like never before. For the first time in YEARS I was able to release that memory, anger, resentment and emotional burden to Christ. Peace..utter peace & release.



Cleaning out your body can bring BOTH PHYSICAL & EMOTIONAL transitions. The Reset not only helps your body detox, but also acts a catalyst for physical, mental & emotional release… MIND BODY SOUL <3




******If you’d like my personal one-on-one coaching through this program or simply have question, email me at stef@fitlatinas.com or shoot me a message at facebook.com/stefcantu

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